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CMM seminar by Ari Helenius from ETH Zurich

Yohei invited his postdoc advisor (2008-2015) Ari Helenius of ETH Zurich to the CMM seminar on the 2nd of April. About 100 people attended this popular seminar and was a great success.

Ari Helenius' seminar announcement shown at the foyer displays of the Biomedical Sciences building.

Ari's seminar on "Cell entry and Uncoating Strategies used by Animal Viruses". Ari gave a historical overview of virus entry studies and used simian virus 40 (SV40) as a good example of how an animal virus intimately interacts with host cell proteins for cell entry and uncoating. Ari's daughter and granddaughter, as well as, Mark Marsh (MRC-LMCB) made a surprise attendance.

Schematic representation of how SV40 uncoats at the endoplasmic reticulum (Geiger et al., 2011 Nat Cell Biol).

Ari at the Pub Robin Hood with Mark Dodding (left), Pete Cullen (right) of UoB Biochemistry and Alina from our lab. There is nothing like Brexit to discuss over beer!!


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