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Core Values of the Group

We are dedicated to collaborating with researchers who share our fundamental values, including:

1. Authenticity: We value genuine, transparent interactions and approaches.
2. Open Communication: We prioritize clear, honest communication to foster understanding and collaboration.
3. Empathy: We believe in empathizing with others' perspectives and experiences.

Charter of the Group

1. Authenticity, Empathy and Open Communication: Our foundation lies in empathy, open communication, and a collaborative spirit. We value independence, honesty, and constructive criticism, fostering an environment conducive to growth and learning.

2. Integrity in Scientific Investigation: We embrace the challenges and rewards of scientific research with unwavering perseverance, integrity, and trustworthiness. Our journey is driven by a commitment to authenticity and ethical conduct in all our endeavors.

3. Respectful and Healthy Relationships: We commit to nurturing professional relationships based on integrity, respect, and civility. Transparency in sharing information and findings is paramount, as we reject manipulative behavior for personal gain.

4. Inclusivity and Diversity: Embracing diversity in all its forms, we challenge preexisting hierarchical structures and roles, advocating for an inclusive culture where every voice is valued and heard.

5. Courage to Innovate and Adapt: Recognizing the importance of adaptability, we acknowledge mistakes and remain open to changing our research direction when evidence leads us away from initial hypotheses.

6. Critical Thinking: We emphasize healthy skepticism and the rigorous pursuit of truth, thereby ensuring our scientific contributions are both significant and reliable.

Our commitment to these principles fosters a culture of excellence, ethical conduct, and mutual respect, guiding us towards new scientific discoveries and the advancement of knowledge.

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