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Science movie narrated in 6 different languages - that's what you call multinational! #COVID19

This is our endeavour at science outreach on a new level. We acknowledge that the number of non-English speakers is huge and wanted to make our original movie available in multiple languages narrated mostly by co-authors from Daly et al., (2020).

Japanese (narrated by Yohei Yamauchi with BGM)

Spanish (narrated by James Daly, Carlos Anton-Plagaro, Lorena Simon-Gracia)

German (narrated by Katja Klein and Michael Bauer)

Italian (narrated by Boris Simonetti)

Chinese (narrated by Qi Su)

English (narrated by James Daly, Boris Simonetti, Katja Klein)

Let us hope our work reaches many non-expert people in the world.


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