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Welcome Katja, David and Carl to the lab!

Belatedly we welcome Dr. Katja Klein and Dr. David Bitto as new postdocs, and Carl Winn as a new PhD student in the Yamauchi group in Bristol. Katja joined us in April 2020, David in July 2020 and Carl in October 2020 amidst COVID-19 restrictions.

Katja did her PhD at St. George's University of London in Robin Shattock's lab then worked at Imperial College London and Case Western Reserve University as postdoc before moving to Bristol. Her main expertise is HIV-1 vaccinology and next generation sequencing, and Katja is willing to cultivate new pastures in virus cell biology in our lab. From Austria.

David did his PhD at University of Oxford in Juha Huiskonen's lab then worked in Singapore, Glasgow as postdocs on virus research, as a patent engineer in Berlin, before joining our lab. David's expertise is virus fusion, virus entry, electron microscopy. From Luxembourg.

Carl did his undergrad at University of Reading and a year of industrial placement before joining us in Bristol. Carl is co-supervised by Jason Long and Othmar Engelhardt at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control. From Wales.


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