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ERC Synergy Grant

Yamauchi (Bristol), Matthias (FMI Basel) and Bode (ETH Zurich) labs were awarded a highly competitive €7.6m ERC Synergy Grant for the proposal CHUbVi "Ubiquitin Chains in Viral Infections". This 6-year grant will be used to study the mechanisms of viral infections at the interface of cellular regulation of misfolded proteins and neurodegeneration, with a scope for the development of broadband antiviral treatment strategies in the future. The funding will start in March 2020. News in the media about the scope of our ERC Synergy Grant:

FMI Basel (Patrick)

ETH Zurich (Jeff)

Patrick, Jeff, and Yohei enjoy a well deserved Belgian beer after our ERC interviews in Brussels (11th September, 2019).

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