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Viruses 2018 @ Barcelona (7-9 Feb)

Viruses 2018 - Breakthroughs in Viral Replication took place at the University of Barcelona in Spain. Yohei (talk) and Alina (poster) each presented on the topic of Influenza virus entry and uncoating.

Yohei's talk: An Influenza Uncoating Epitope Confers Capsid Stability (Day 1, Wed)

Michael Bauer's (Greber lab, University of Zurich) talk on Adenovirus entry and uncoating (Day 1).

At the conference dinner at Grupo Abrassame on Monday evening (Day 1). From left: Alina, Yohei, Michael, Vibhu.

Dinner selfie on Day 2 with the Kelly Lee lab (University of Washington, Seattle) and Adam Zlotnick (Indiana University) at the great Columbian restaurant "Restaurante Mi Tierra Badal". From left: Nancy, Adam, Vibhu, Michael, Yohei, Mark, Alina and 3/4 Kelly.

The ongoing construction of Sagrada familia.

The ceiling of Sagrada familia.

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