CMM seminar by Ari Helenius from ETH Zurich

Yohei invited his postdoc advisor (2008-2015) Ari Helenius of ETH Zurich to the CMM seminar on the 2nd of April. About 100 people attended this popular seminar and was a great success. Ari Helenius' seminar announcement shown at the foyer displays of the Biomedical Sciences building. Ari's seminar on "Cell entry and Uncoating Strategies used by Animal Viruses". Ari gave a historical overview of virus entry studies and used simian virus 40 (SV40) as a good example of how an animal virus intimately interacts with host cell proteins for cell entry and uncoating. Ari's daughter and granddaughter, as well as, Mark Marsh (MRC-LMCB) made a surprise attendance. Schematic representation of how SV40 u

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