Snapshots from Yohei's Biochemistry seminar @ Bristol

Hosted by Dr. Mark Dodding from the school of Biochemistry. My usual background slide on display. First of all, announcing future CMM seminars of Ari Helenius (ETH Zurich) and Mark Marsh (UCL, MRC-LMCB) that I will be hosting in April !! Please attend. Paul Verkade looks on at our own collaborative work on influenza CLEM (Hodgson, Verkade, Yamauchi. Methods Mol Biol. 2018). Pictures courtesy of YM.

Yamauchi lab Gyoza party

Yasu organised a gyoza 餃子 party to celebrate our Nature Microbiology paper! (Venue: courtesy of Alina R.) Fig.1a-c Yasu took a day off to prepare for 200+ gyozas! Rice and miso soup was available (not shown). Fig.2 Boys and girls (escape the lab) to master the art of wrapping gyoza. Fig.3 Everyone full! New Yamauchi lab pic. Fig.4 Now we can imagine that transportin1 (TNPO1) is a gyoza-shaped importin. During uncoating of influenza A virus, the viral fillings are unwrapped and released.

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