Endless Food Night: Tiptop Chinese Lab Dinner in Clifton Village

This year's heat-wave summer is coming to an end! The Yamauchi lab dinner took place at Emperor Court Chinese Restaurant in the heart of Clifton Village in Bristol, to celebrate the publication of Yohei's Book "Influenza Virus: Methods & Protocols" from Methods in Molecular Biology (Springer Nature)(see separate blog on this!) and to toast to the leaving of our two summer students Yara (Uni Bristol) & Yolanda (Uni Granada, Spain) (8-weeks internship) and Solib (Chungnam National Uni, Korea) (4-weeks). A (suspiciously) well behaved group photo - calmness before the storm. We hail the chef(s) for endless food supply...and their kindness to try to accommodate one of our people's prawn allergy (

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